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HS-111 - Dystopia Distortion

hs-111 Dystopia Distortion Large Image
hs-111 Dystopia Distortion Small Imagehs-111 Dystopia Distortion Small Image

Dystopia Distortion is a stereo Eurorack module. It offers soft and hard clipping, as well as a combination of both.

You can select the clipping mode using the toggle switches per channel. Activating both toggle switches for a channel provides a smoother waveform than the other modes. The potentiometers in the middle of the module allow you to adjust the gain per channel individually. The two channels are independent of each other. You can use them for a stereo signal or two different mono signals.

You can also connect the output of the first channel to the input of the second channel to further increase the gain and distortion.

Width 8 HP / 8 TP / 40.3mm
Power consumption 20mA (+12V)
20mA (-12V)
0mA (5V)
Module depth 20mm
Two channels
Three independently adjustable clipping modes per channel
Adjustable signal gain
RRP 99,99€ incl. VAT
EAN 4270002676572