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HS-113 - Ziggy - 4 Channel Mixer

hs-113 Ziggy - 4 Channel Mixer Large Image
hs-113 Ziggy - 4 Channel Mixer Small Imagehs-113 Ziggy - 4 Channel Mixer Small Image

Two gate/trigger converters in one module. For an incoming gate signal, two trigger signals are generated: one at the start of the gate and one at the end of the gate.

This is practical, for example, in conjunction with a clock divider like the A-160-1, as it produces a long gate signal for each time unit.

Width 4 HP / 4 TP / 20mm
Power consumption 30mA (+12V)
15mA (-12V)
0mA (5V)
Module depth 28mm
Two channels
Two trigger outputs per channel
RRP 59,99€ incl. VAT
EAN 4262373470019