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HS-114 - Stardust - Dual VCA

hs-114 Stardust - Dual VCA Large Image
hs-114 Stardust - Dual VCA Small Imagehs-114 Stardust - Dual VCA Small Image

Stardust is an analog VCA with two independent channels. The inputs of the left channel are normalized to the inputs of the right channel. The module is based on the LM13700 and adds a pleasant coloration to the audio signal, especially with percussive envelopes.

The "FIXED VOLTAGE" knob allows you to add a fixed voltage to the CV signals of both channels.

The output signal can be tapped at the "OUT" jack.

Width 4 HP / 4 TP / 20mm
Power consumption 30mA (+12V)
30mA (-12V)
0mA (5V)
Module depth 20mm
Two channels
Based on the LM13700 chip
First channel normalized to the second
Adjustable voltage offset
RRP 79,99€ incl. VAT
EAN 4262373470002