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HS-110 - S/V-Trigger Converter

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This module allows for connecting classic synthesizers such as those from Moog, or the new System-55 modules from Behringer, with other Eurorack modules. With its two S-Trigger to V-Trigger and two V-Trigger to S-Trigger converters, it offers a space-saving alternative or addition to the System 55 - 961 Interface.

The kit consists of a PCB already equipped with all SMD components, a printed aluminum front panel, and the jacks and power connector that still need to be soldered. The required tasks are absolutely manageable even for soldering beginners. All you need in addition is a soldering iron and solder. If you don't feel confident assembling it yourself, you can also purchase a pre-assembled module for an additional fee!

Of course, the module also comes with a 10-to-16 pin power cable and two M3 screws for mounting.

Width 4 HP / 4 TP / 14.8mm
Power consumption +5mA (+12V)
0mA (-12V)
0mA (5V)
Module depth 30mm
2x S-Trigger to V-Trigger converters
2x V-Trigger to S-Trigger converters
V-Trigger output voltage: 12V
RRP 39,99€ incl. VAT
EAN 4270002676503