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HS-120 - Buffered Multiple

hs-120 Buffered Multiple Large Image
hs-120 Buffered Multiple Small Imagehs-120 Buffered Multiple Small Image

This module is a classic buffered multiple with 4 HP width and two TL-074 chips. Each of the outputs is individually buffered. You can operate this module as a dual 1-to-3 multiple by plugging cables into both inputs, or alternatively as a 1-to-6 multiple by using only the first input. The module is normalized so that the signal from the first multiple is also available at the second multiple in this case.

This module is available both as a pre-assembled product and as a kit with German/English assembly instructions.

Width 4 HP / 4 TP / 14.8mm
Power consumption 20mA (+12V)
20mA (-12V)
0mA (5V)
Module depth 30mm
2x buffered 1-to-3 multiple
When lower input is unused: 1x buffered 1-to-6 multiple
2x TL074 OpAmp chips
RRP 39,99€ incl. VAT
EAN 4270002676534